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Things you need to know to get started.

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What is a private label?

A private label wine is a wine or series of wines, that are proprietary to a particular retailer, restaurant, or other entity and may only be exclusively available at that business location. But a private brand (also knows as an “exclusive brand”) can also be used very differently. It can be managed in the same way you would if you owned your own winery, sellingthrough various channels and treated in the same fashion as a traditional winery.

Who would use a private label?

Anyone interested in establishing, expanding, enhancing and/or maximizing the salability of wine without the overhead and headaches that come from owning a winery, or in many cases, inventory.Examples: Trader Joes branded wines, the Kirkland label at Costco. Restaurants, grocery or speciality stores, entertainment companies (consider the Game of Thrones branded wines) hospitality and travel companies, and other corporate entities also benefit (and profit) from developing a private label wine brand.

Why should I create one?

Creating a private label is rewarding, very personal and can be extremely profitable. A custom private label can help support and build the larger brand behind it. It can be used to promote an en event or product, generate brand loyalty from customers, or create an entirely new revenue stream for your company.

How much does it cost, and what does that include?

It costs nothing to explore the process. The cost of developing a private label can vary based on your needs and interests. Once we’ve explored your needs and determined the best approach we work with each individual to achieve the highest level of success.

Some factors that contribute to the final cost include:

  • The wine you choose (a Napa Cabernet will be more costly than a Rosé for example)
  • The amount you want to produce
  • The Glass and other material (cork, capsule, etc) you select for your wine
  • The printing process, embellishments (like foil stamping or embossing), and paper stock desired or needed for the final label

What is the opportunity?

In short, the opportunity is tremendous. An exclusive / private label gives you the opportunity to capture revenue that would typically go to “big wine” companies and conglomerates. A private label can help you deliver a more complete brand experience for your own customers in a unique and memorable way.

  • Your restaurant provides diners with wines developed specifically for your menu.
  • Your Luxury Resort provides guests with a welcome gift that delivers on the experience.
  • Your brand is given a new channel in which to reach more customers.
  • The opportunities are many.

How many bottles will I get from a Case?

300 Bottles = 25 Cases = 1 Barrel

How do I sell my private label brand once I receive it?

That is really up to you. You may choose to sell the wine in your establishment or store (be sure to ask us about the licensing involved). You may also decide to sell your wine via one of the many online channels that continue to grow in popularity. We can certainly recommend and connect you with varies retailers and online entities.

Where does the wine come from?

Who actually makes the wine? (AKA what does the winemaker do?)We can craft with you wines from specific vineyard sources, we can appoint winemakers that have worked all over the world. Craft winemakers to renowned highly acclaimed individuals.

How does the label itself get created?

After understanding your vision, and sourcing the right wine, we come up with a look and feel that delivers on that vision. Depending on your needs, the timing, and the budget, we can provide you with a single, strategically sound design, or let you choose from several options. Once we land on a final look, we generate production-ready files and deliver them to a pre-selected print vendor – one of our partners or one of your choosing.

Can I use whatever name or image I choose?

Have an idea for a label? Lets talk about it. We can help you determine if the concept is right for your audience or if it will create a disconnect and work against you. That said, if you have a vision for your label, we can make it great. More typically though, we will provide you with the name and creative that we know from experience will work the best.

Do I get to pick what I want?

Yes. with a few exceptions you may select from typical varietals or decide on a custom blend. Our winemaker partners will help steer you in the right direction. Some of it will depend of course on what is available, what fits within your price point, and environmental / market conditions (the harvest conditions from that year for example). But whether you want to make a Dessert wine or Big Cab, we can get the right juice.

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